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Custom interchangeable tap handle design for a growing craft brewery

Image: 5chw4r7z

Image: 5chw4r7z

Who is Madtree?



Madtree was born of its local community and diehard fans. Their customers are their family.



Madtree started in 2006 as a group of friends making beer.  In 2013 they opened their official brewery and taproom.


Casual, relaxed, unpretentious. These guys are making beer to enjoy, not to snoot at.



Brewed and canned in small batches just outside Oakley in Cincinnati.


The Challenge:


How do we represent Madtree's core brand values (loyal, friendly, young, craft) in a beer tap, while remaining unique enough to be spotted in a dark bar or pub setting.



Form Inspiration and Ideation: A Language of Contrast


Contrasting materials and unexpected juxtaposition served as the inspiration for this project: cold steel and warm wood, durable soft goods, rigid but pliable materials. This juxtaposition translates to Madtree's bridging the antique craft of handmade brews and a fresh, modern approach to beer.


Option One

Cast corian top with logo, durable cotton exterior. Warm materials with cool, clean feel on top. Cleaning becomes an issue.

Option Two

Bent ply with laser-etched logo. Simple form with cnc-cut logo in body.

Option Three

Bent plastic with seatbelt-like strap. Familiar materials and easy to clean, but touchpoints become confusing.


Craft Beer: Craft Tap


Plywood is the perfect material to represent Madtree. Warm, inviting wood takes on a modern, clean look with precise laser-cut components. It connects to the woods of typical beer tap handles but its form is a bold contrast to the rest of the offerings at the bar. Each variety of drink is denoted by a different material option.