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Furniture for Airports

Palma Mallorca International Airport

Palma Mallorca International Airport

Welcome to my capstone blog, where I'll be logging the work I'm up to while completing my final project at the University of Cincinnati. The topic: Furniture for Airports. Specifically, furniture for airside passenger hold areas, also known as the gate area. This is where most people spend most of their time in the airport, often in uncomfortable, unimaginative tandem seating. Funny how flying (which still seems fairly miraculous if you ask me... being shot nearly through space at 550mph while enjoying a snack and a movie) should have such a contrast of appearance. On one hand, travel is inherently exciting – new people, new places, new experiences; but the excitement is often hampered by non-passenger focused user experiences.

My goal is to figure out how new furniture for passengers can help create a more comfortable, more enjoyable flying experience.

More to come soon!

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