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Joel Beeby


Bosch Jigsaw

Creating a more conscious, more advanced jigsaw.

Brand Values


Engineered to high specifications.


Tools built to be used hours a day, every day.


Subjected to hours of testing and fitted with durable motors.


Invented the jigsaw and continues to break ground.

Consumer Values

DIY kind-of Guy

Celebrates the act of making things.


It's not about the time it takes to make something, but about the time it lasts.


Mark trusts his craft to his tools, as well as his safety.


Breaking the mold defines Mike. His tools shouldn't come with a ball and chain.


Task Analysis

Making a cut is straightforward. Just squeeze the trigger.

Visibility becomes an issue - often the user must peer around the saw.

Cutting sharp corners becomes an area of awkward wrist flexion.

Cutting straight lines is easy and feels very safe with the jigsaw.

The tool's weight is slightly unwieldy but adds solidity.


2D and 3D Sketch Iteration

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Full-Color Mockup

Built in the DAAP workshop of CNC milled foam and 3D printed parts.

 Exploded view study

Exploded view study